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A garoo

Love the poem. Thank you.

On a different theme: Your suggested sermon title reminded me that someone told me early in my career that whenever I was stuck trying to write the first sentence of an article, I could just start by typing: "Recently, ..." The sentence that ensues can be discarded later but it gets the article started. So maybe that sermon title could work the same way: not for actual use, but to get started. Out of ambiguity in your strong bond with your colleagues, the beautiful clarity of Velcro and folding.

Thank you again.

Laura McNaughton

Thanks for the poem! And for 'troll boogers' - you just don't see that in print often enough!

Welcome home, Liz!


I like the "recently" idea, garoo. I usually start with "my kids...". My preaching proff last week said, after I preached my first sermon "and now, you should do your second one without including stories about your kids" and I thought ulp, better change which one I'm using. So I went home and couldn't find a single piece of writing that met that description... uh, oh...

Ed Proulx

No, no! You have it backwards! Not out of ambiguity, clarity, the other way around! Are there really any ordinary moments?


Ed, couldn't it be "both/and"? Oh, wait, no, that's just what I say sometimes when I'm wrong... You are definitely right. I had it backwards.

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