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Michael Diakuw

There really isn't much I can do to help with your predicament. But, if the worst should happen, please accept this possible countermeasure:

Creative End Rhyme

Go home Velociraptor
I really just don’t like you
Please fall through a Smelly trapdoor
Where mice and bugs will bite you

Goodbye Velociraptor
At least your not a flea,
I’ll cast a fearsome Spell ‘n’ zap your--
Wait! Can you do laundry?


Mike, that is AWESOME. I now feel fully prepared for a Velociraptor Armageddon...

Wendy James

This is your funniest blog post over. I read it out loud to Anwyn and we both laughed and laughed. This caused us to automatically build muscles, but we were in the kitchen, so we also got rounder. We were sitting after all, as we do not have bed bugs. Knock wood.

Lucile Lynch

Hey, thanks a lot for these tips about keeping our homes free of bed bugs! So far, we haven’t had any, and we hope it stays that way too. Bed bugs are really hard to detect, even if you’re keeping an eye out for them. It’s possible to pick up bed bugs everywhere! In your office, in the gym, hotels, they’re everywhere! When travelling, I’ve been told to follow S.L.E.E.P. (S)urvey your surroundings for signs of infestation. (L) ift and look under the mattresses, bed frames and furniture. (E) levate luggage on a luggage rack. (E) xamine luggage carefully while repacking. (P) lace all clothing in the dryer 15 minutes after arriving home and set the dryer at the highest setting.

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